Weed and the Holidays: Normalizing Cannabis at Seasonal Get-Togethers

Weed and the Holidays: Normalizing Cannabis at Seasonal Get-Togethers

Cannabis consumption at holiday gatherings can (and should be) just as normalized as alcohol consumption. Read our tips on incorporating Cycling Frog into your holiday festivities!
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 Ahh, the holidays. On paper, this season is one of joy, anticipation, warmth, tradition, delicious food and drink, and time spent with loved ones. However, the end of the year can also evoke a sense of stress as people travel, deal with inclement weather, and navigate a general rush of hustle and bustle. As fun as the season can be, it certainly comes with its share of anxieties. 

An Alternative Social Tonic

At least in the United States, alcohol plays a central role in holiday festivities. And it makes sense! Booze can loosen tension, alleviate pressure, and facilitate connection. At the same time, there's a level of dread that accompanies holiday drinking. Let's face it - sometimes it doesn't feel great! Between hangovers, bloat, and drowsiness, there are a number of suboptimal side effects associated with holiday alcohol consumption.

Luckily, there's an alternative social tonic out there. Weed drinks pack a great buzz with none of the aftereffects of alcohol.

It's All About Approachability

We'll hazard a guess that not everyone at your holiday get-together is an experienced cannabis user. And that's ok! Part of our mission is creating accessible products that provide a positive introduction to the world of weed.

For new users, the strength of our seltzers is their approachability - everyone is familiar with 12oz cans that contain a sparkling beverage. Non-intimidating and accessible - our line of THC seltzers (particularly our light seltzers) are an excellent way to introduce friends or family members into the world of cannabis.

Holiday Cookie Mix

The list of holiday cannabis treats expands far beyond seltzers. This leads us into an exciting release: our brand-new Take and Get Baked Cookie Kit!

The holidays and baking go together like cookies and milk - so you may as well get baked while you're baking! With 15 servings in each kit, you'll be the toast of the holiday party when you roll up with these THC treats. Whether you're baking on your own or engaging in collaborative cooking, you're in for a whole batch of fun. More info here.

Take your holiday treats to the next level with Cycling Frog's magic cookie kit!

Give Weed a Whirl

When faced the onslaught of holiday boozing, just remember - you've got options. Alcohol consumption is far from obligatory at holiday gatherings, and THC drinks are a great alternative! We're all about cannabis use that brings people together, promotes laughter, and keeps the vibes loose and fun.

So what are you waiting for? Give weed a whirl this holiday season! Bring a couple packs of Cycling Frog seltzer to a holiday party, or grab a pack of our Take and Get Baked cookies to make for a get-together. 

Cheers! And always remember - it's all about enjoying the ride.