Black Currant: the Crazy History Behind Our Bestselling Seltzer Flavor

Black Currant: the Crazy History Behind Our Bestselling Seltzer Flavor

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If you're a fan of Cycling Frog, chances are good that you've sampled our delicious Black Currant THC seltzer. Delivering the perfect balance of tart and sweet, Black Currants check all the boxes necessary to be a top-tier flavor. So why don't we see more of it here in the United States?!?

What are Black Currants?

Let's start here. Black Currants are berries of the family Grossulariaceae, native to northern Europe and Asia. Their closest relatives are gooseberries and the similarly-named red currant. If you've yet to have a Black Currant, imagine the flavor of a blackberry or a grape with the shape and texture of a blueberry or huckleberry. Black Currants are particularly popular in British and Scandinavian pastries, jams, deserts, and beverages.

Over the years, European settlers introduced Black Currant vines to North America. By the early 20th century, the non-native plant was widely dispersed throughout the Northeastern United States.

What Happened to Black Currants?

There's one simple answer: as bizarre as it sounds, the production of Black Currants became illegal in the United States. In the early 1900s, Black Currant plants were found to be transmitters of a deadly fungus that devastated pine forests. As a measure to protect timber resources, the Federal Government instituted a ban on the cultivation of Black Currants.

Following the ban, Black Currant vines were systematically culled, and the production (and possession) of Black Currants became illegal in the U.S for decades.

The Comeback

Over time, scientific advancements were able to develop strains of Black Currants resistant to fungal disease. Thanks to passionate lobbying from horticulturists and the reversal of state statutes, Black Currants have begun to make a comeback over the past 20-30 years (though they're still far from a common site in the United States). At Cycling Frog, we’re honored to be on the front lines of reintroducing Americans to this delicious fruit!

Ultimately, there's a reason that our Black Currant THC Seltzer is a bestseller. If you've yet to try it, make sure you scoop up a pack! If it's already a favorite of yours, it's time to start thinking about the next friend you can introduce to Cycling Frog and the unique story behind the Black Currant.

Remember: good times are in store with each and every 6-pack. Cheers!