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Introducing Cycling Frog: Who The F**k Are We?

Cycling Frog isn’t your typical cannabis brand, and we’re not your typical stoners or pot heads, either. In fact, we’re not stoners or potheads at all! This isn’t to say we’re not into cannabis – quite the contrary. We’ve been in it from the beginning. We are committed to seeing cannabis evolve into a thriving, legitimate, and normalized medium for relaxation, recreation, and socialization.
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There’s a new THC brand on the block! Cycling Frog is changing the cannabis landscape forever, normalizing CBD and THC consumption across the States. Selling a range of low and medium potency gummies, softgels and stelzers, Cycling Frog is on a mission to make THC affordable, convenient, and fun. But who are they and what do they want? Let’s find out.


  1. Who the f**k are Cycling Frog?
  2. What is Cycling Frog’s mission?
  3. What makes Cycling Frog so unique?
  4. Why should cannabis consumption be normalized?
  5. What are Cycling Frog’s best-selling products?
  6. 5 reasons why you should join the ride!


Who the f**k are Cycling Frog?

Cycling Frog isn’t your typical cannabis brand, and we’re not your typical stoners or pot heads, either. In fact, we’re not stoners or potheads at all! This isn’t to say we’re not into cannabis – quite the contrary. We’ve been in it from the beginning. We are committed to seeing cannabis evolve into a thriving, legitimate, and normalized medium for relaxation, recreation, and socialization… Cycling Frog is the next iteration of that commitment.

We’re here to provide you with an opportunity to connect and experience THC+CBD in ways you’ve never been able to before, in forms and products you feel comfortable using. Cycling Frog are normalizing cannabis consumption by offering it in potencies that promotes regular consumption, such as with our THC+CBD seltzers, that can be enjoyed with friends and family and won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed.

We’re the cannabis brand that doesn’t feel like a cannabis brand, and that’s exactly who and what we are. So, next time you’re feeling like you need something to take the edge off, want to relax, or are hanging with your friends, think about doing it with Cycling Frog. 

Remember, life’s short. Enjoy the ride.


What is Cycling Frog's mission?

We believe in the power of cannabis. Everyone should be able to experience it; however, many cannabis products available today are either:

  • Too strong;
  • Overpriced;
  • Not easily accessible, or;
  • All of the above.

Cycling Frog is addressing all those issues by creating fun, affordable, and accessible hemp-based THC+CBD products that you can enjoy, no matter your cannabis comfort level. From our high-potency brownies to our sessionable, lower potency THC+CBD seltzers, Cycling Frog is committed to delivering you – literally, right to your door! — a delicious and enjoyable cannabis experience, no matter where you live.

Some of our products are designed for heavy cannabis users that need serious doses of THC to feel normal or live their lives pain free. Other products, like our THC+CBD seltzers, are designed to be savored, like you would a glass of wine after a long day, or a couple glasses of beer with friends on the weekend. However you want to experience cannabis, Cycling Frog has you covered.


What makes Cycling Frog so unique?

We believe the future is a normalization of cannabis; fewer amounts of THC, but more often. Enough so you feel the effects and reap the benefits, but aren’t left feeling stoned or overwhelmed. For years, the cannabis industry has been about providing people the highest doses of THC for the least amount of money. That’s great if you’re a habitual user and WE LOVE THAT, but we find that many people just don’t enjoy cannabis for that very reason.

What makes Cycling Frog unique is that we recognized that. We developed a line of products, like our Wintergreen Mints and THC+CBD seltzers, specifically made for those who just want to sip on a beverage, or four, without getting super high. Our drinks are intended to be an alternative to alcohol, which has been the go-to socializing beverage of choice for millennia.

As with anything, too much and you’ll definitely feel it, but Cycling Frog is about enjoying the moment without going overboard. As we like to say: Life’s short. Enjoy the ride.


Why should cannabis consumption be normalized?

The time for cannabis is NOW! The majority of Americans support it (over 60% of Americans say it should be legal for both medical and recreational use) and we at Cycling Frog are here to give the people what they want. Now, we’re not encouraging everyone to go out and get so stoned they can’t walk straight, but we are encouraging people to consider our THC seltzers as an alternative to hard seltzers and other alcoholic beverages.

While both cannabis and alcohol are habit-forming and alter both your thinking and coordination, they have distinctly different health effects. Long-term or regular alcohol use contributes to many chronic diseases and a shorter lifespan. Cannabis consumption does not. In fact, studies have shown cannabis to offer many health benefits, including pain relief. Not only is cannabis better for you than alcohol, but our THC seltzers also have half the calories compared to other popular hard seltzers.

It’s a no-brainer that when it comes to social drinking, our THC seltzers are a healthier, better tasting, and lower calorie alternative to alcohol. So, crack one open and let loose, relax, laugh, dance, and laugh a little more. Cheers!


What are Cycling Frog's best-selling products?

While there is little competition in the THC seltzer space, that didn’t give us an excuse to put out a mediocre beverage. On the contrary, we worked diligently for almost a year, testing, tasting, and improving our drink, so we could give you something we knew you’d love.

Our THC seltzers are made from all natural and organic ingredients, contain low amounts of sugar and the perfect amount of THC (not too little, not too much!). They are thoroughly tested to ensure they’re safe, and just taste damn good.


1. Wild Cherry THC Seltzer

Our Wild Cherry THC seltzer is our best tasting and best-selling seltzer option. Best served chilled, our THC seltzers can be enjoyed by themselves or mixed with other beverages, such as orange juice and a rosemary sprig, for a delicious summer afternoon treat. Our THC seltzers are smooth, flavorful, and contain enough THC you’ll feel relaxed and liberated after enjoying just a single can. 

Going to game night or a party? Consider bringing our THC seltzers and enjoy them with friends.


THC + CBD Seltzers


2. BlueRazz Gummies

Our 10 mg BlueRazz 1:1 THC and CBD Gummies are a powerful and flavorful blast of tantalizing deliciousness. The 1:1 THC to CBD ratio will provide a mind-easing balance of relaxation and pain relief, while the all natural fruit juices will have you craving more. Best enjoyed when you’re ready to enter a state of complete relaxation, our BlueRazz gummies are a delectable way to unwind after a long day. Just released, our BlueRazz gummies have quickly become a fan favorite and have been difficult to keep in stock.

Buy more than you need next time they’re available, so you won’t be left in the lurch.



3. Wintergreen Mints

Want to enjoy the power of THC and CBD, but don’t want to be overwhelmed? Our Wintergreen Mints are the perfect microdose solution for those looking to spread their THC and CBD consumption throughout the day. With 1 mg THC and 5 mg CBD per mint, our Wintergreen Mints come in a discrete, child-resistant package, so you can enjoy them any time of the day. There are very few products on the market that combine portability, effectiveness, and minty-goodness quite like our microdose Wintergreen Mints. 


5 reasons why you should join the ride

    1. Finally, a convenient and affordable way to enjoy THC and CBD!
    2. Enjoy the benefits of THC and CBD without being overwhelmed.
    3. Safe, fun, and delicious products you feel good about consuming.
    4. All natural ingredients (high quality so you can enjoy your high).
    5. Life’s Short. Enjoy the Ride.


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