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How to Stop Being High (and Sober Up Fast!)

Even the most experienced cannabis users can get unexpectedly high, more so than they planned. We’ve all been there – hands up if it’s happened to you (you’re either in denial or a demigod if you haven’t!) Some people can tolerate the experience of being “high” better than others, but if you’re like a lot of us, anxiety, tremors, nervousness, and a whole slew of bad side effects come crashing down on us when we’ve indulged too much.
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Even the most experienced cannabis users can get unexpectedly high, more so than they planned. We’ve all been there – hands up if it’s happened to you (you’re either in denial or a demigod if you haven’t!) Some people can tolerate the experience of being “too high” better than others, but if you’re like a lot of us, anxiety, tremors, nervousness, and a whole slew of bad side effects come crashing down on us when we’ve indulged too much.

While most medical experts agree you can’t die from consuming too much THC, it’s possible to high to the point that you feel shaky and paranoid. If you’ve ever asked yourself; “Have I always been a part of the couch? I can’t move...”, then you know what we’re talking about.

Did you know that the average high from smoking weed can be felt almost immediately and last for about two hours? This is because the THC present in the smoke or vapor can be readily absorbed into your bloodstream via the alveoli (air sacs) in your lungs. The effects of consuming edibles, like gummies and soft gel capsules, however, can take longer to activate as the full effects of THC cannot be felt until the body has fully digested the gummies or capsules. This delay in activation is what leads to a longer high. So, depending on how you’ve consumed, you may need to be prepared for a long ride.

As is the case with alcohol, the only way to really sober up from weed is to wait until your body has fully metabolized the THC. However, there are some tricks you can use to ‘calm’ the effects of the high if it makes you feel uncomfortable. We’ve listed some of the best tried and tested tricks to help you sober up quickly, if you have the misfortune (... some may see it otherwise…) of getting, ‘too high.’

1. Stay calm and don’t panic

Perhaps the most valuable piece of advice of all – stay calm and don’t panic! Getting yourself worked up can lead to a tidal wave of negative feelings, worsening your experience and making you panic even more. Like Neil Young said, “ is what it is. The only thing you can change is right now and what’s happening next.” So, do your best to avoid freaking out. Accept the fact you’re high, you won’t die, and it’ll all be over soon. Focus on controlling your breathing and slowing your heart rate, just like you would if you were meditating.

If you’re worried about how much THC you’ve consumed, you’ll be reassured to know that there aren’t enough cannabinoid receptors in the brain to affect your breathing capabilities. So, keep your breathing slow and steady, and you’ll be just fine.

Woman holding a flower practising deep breathing outside


2. Keep yourself well hydrated

Drinking water is not only good for your general health, but it’s also a great way to sober up if you ever find yourself a little too high! Staying hydrated can help you calm down if you’ve accidentally consumed more of the Devil’s lettuce than you intended.

If your head is spinning and your mouth is dry, sipping on a glass of water can help. Concentrating on drinking and swallowing the water can ease the dizziness – it’s a nifty way to trick your mind into thinking the room is as still as ever. And it’s also an effective way to combat having a mouth as dry as a desert!

Some people may find that they get a bit light-headed, which can easily be treated by snacking and drinking fruit juices (a little sugar can go a long way!). Just be careful what fruit juice you drink, as mangoes contain terpenoid myrcene – it can enhance and prolong the effects of THC.

A man drinking a bottle of water on a sunny day outside


3. Relax in the bath

Soothe your body and turn your overwhelming high into a pleasurable one with a nice hot bath. The sensation of water on your body may almost make it feel like it’s washing away the effects of too much THC, helping you to chill out and relax. Think of it as a form of mental hydration – an effective way to cleanse the mind and body of THC.

That said, if you’re afraid you might fall asleep in a tub full of water, splashing cold water on your face can work just as well. The shock to your system may be enough to ‘sober’ you up longer enough to clear your mind, lower your heart rate, and calm down. Once you have more clarity, make sure you note how much THC you consumed, so you can amend the dosage for next time.

A woman relaxing in the bath with candles next to her


4. Try aromatherapy oils and terpenes

Aromatherapy oils can have calming effects when inhaled, especially if used with a diffuser. Experiment with the aromas that you find relaxing and find your favorite scents. Many foods contain terpenes (the compound responsible for the way plants smell), so if you’re quite sure what you’re doing, try experimenting with foods before moving on to the complexities of aromatherapy oils.


Known for its relaxing effects, Caryophyllene is a popular terpene found in black pepper. Caryophyllene can relieve some of the nastier side effects of THC, especially if you’ve consumed a bit too much. For instant relief from your high, try chewing on a few black pepper kernels – it’ll take some getting used to! Rosemary, oregano, and cloves also contain lots of caryophyllene, so be brave and get munching, just don’t forget to brush when you’ve sobered up.


Abundant in lemons, limonene can help calm your mind thanks to its anti-stress effect. It’s as simple as squeezing a couple of lemons into a glass of water and drinking, or you could even cut a lemon in half and suck on the juices. Not only can it help you relax, but it’s also really refreshing!


Pinene can significantly impact your mood. If you’ve ever walked through the woods and felt instantly at peace, then you’ll understand the effects that pinene can have. Take a walk in the woods with a friend (please don’t go for a walk on your own when you’re high… we don’t want you getting lost in the woods) and breathe in the incredible smell of fresh air. You’ll feel more grounded in no time! 

Sun rays breaking through dark woodland


5. Balance out the THC with CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) can reduce some of the nastier side effects of THC, such as anxiety and paranoia. Decades of research has found that CBD can lessen the adverse effects of anxiety and paranoia when consumed alongside THC. In fact, this is the main reason ALL Cycling Frog products contain both THC and CBD - to help regulate the effects of the THC. A study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology found that CBD may bind to the same receptor as THC, and therefore blocks its effects.

Although more research is needed to understand the synergistic effects of CBD and THC, consuming some CBD oil can help mellow out your high. It works by reducing the feeling of intoxication, while enhancing its anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects. Using products with a balance of CBD and THC (wink, wink) can help you avoid getting too high in the future.

CBD oil in little viles with purple flowers behind them


6. Get comfy and meditate

Sometimes, easing the effects of a bad high is as simple as finding a comfortable spot and meditating. An overwhelming high can cause an anxiety attack, or it can make your heart race – when this happens, it’s important to stay calm. Find somewhere where you can make yourself comfortable, settle down and take several slow, deep breaths.

A meditative state can help ground you and remind you that everything is going to be okay. Meditation is a great way to lower your anxiety and stress levels and center your focus. Give it a try and remember, keep calm!

Man sitting on a bed meditating


7. Get some sleep

Have you ever wondered why you feel so sleepy after consuming THC? It’s because of the CB1 receptor, which relaxes the muscles in your body and promotes sleep. If the tiredness becomes too overwhelming for you, the best thing you can do is give in to it and get a good sleep.

Sleeping off the effects of too much THC is one of the best ways to get over your high. When you wake up, you’ll feel refreshed, and hopefully, if you’ve slept long enough, the effects will have worn off.

Woman asleep in bed with the sun shining on her


8. Find a distraction

Distracting yourself can often be an easy way to minimize the bout of THC-induced anxiety. Shifting your focus from how high you are to an activity that you enjoy can help pass the time and keep you grounded. Go for a walk around the block or put on your favorite Netflix show (now you know why they call them’ ‘stoner comedies’), or whatever it is that you find enjoyable and helps you to relax. It’s the perfect excuse to have some valuable ‘me’ time!

A man and woman eating popcorn and pointing remote at the TV


9. Call a friend

No matter how many times you tell yourself that everything’s fine, sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else. Calling a friend who can reassure you can often be comforting at the best of times, especially when you’re high. Friends can make you feel better about yourself and if you feel like you’re being a burden – also, your friends will probably LOVE to talk to you while you’re high. Stoned people can be very entertaining!

A man sitting on a sofa facetiming a friend


Sober up safely!

If you find being too high unpleasant, then follow these tips to help you cope with THC’s side effects safely. Getting too stoned can be an uncomfortable experience for some, but the effects will soon wear off as you come down from the high.

We recommend giving your body plenty of time to recover before you consume any more THC. And always make note of how much THC you consume, so you can adjust your dosage and prevent a high the next time you take it. If you’re a newbie to the THC scene, then please start with a low dosage and work your way up to a comfortable level.

Our Huckleberry Gummies contain 5 mg of THC and 25 mg of CBD per gummy, so you can kick back, relax and enjoy its delicious flavor without the risk of getting too high. For more information on our products, get in touch with us today!